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1. Moisture Management / Sweat Control 2. Air Circulation
3. Shock Absorption Cushion 4. Ergonomic Design

Genuine Grip's Specially designed tread pattern & rubber compound for
Maximum Slip-Resistance.

Light Weight! Comfort! Durable! Cushion!

Our soles have specially designed tread patterns made of special rubber compound to maximize slip-resistance.In the sole to sole comparison tests, it has been proved that Genuine Grip's sole is the best slip resistant sole on tile with water, oil, or shortening. Also, our performance-inspired design WALKING ON AIR Dri-Lex Polyurethane footbed provides superb shock absorbency, comfort and moisture absorption.

Genuine Grip Footwear not just reduces injuries, but reduces foot pain and stress for your feet that cause fatigue to lower back, hip, ankles and knees.

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