For over two decades, Nu Dimension has been selling only to retailers and distributors. We now sell directly to healthcare personnel in addition to selling to retailers and distributors.

Two decades ago, Nu Dimension introduced to the market the first portfolio of stretch scrubs the industry had ever seen. This was possible because we are fabric producers and because we cater to Department Stores, thus allowing for cross-pollination between the Healthcare and the fashionable Sportswear markets.

To date, our Polyester / Cotton / Spandex fabric has not been successfully duplicated by any manufacturer. Our fabric has the following properties:
  • 1. Just the right amount of stretch
  • 2. Shrinkage-free
  • 3. Fade-resistant
  • 4. Pilling-resistant
  • 5. Abrasion-resistant
  • 6. Easy-care, with the garment looking crisp wash after wash.
The above properties coupled with conscientious workmanship have led to what many healthcare workers refer to as best-of- breed scrubs in terms of both performance and fashion-orientation.

Nu Dimension has a long history in the apparel industry, both as a manufacturer and retailer.

From design concepts, fabric development and garment production, we have the knowledge base to provide only the best products at competitive prices.

We strive to be a fashion authority, building a comprehensive product line, offering a compelling, focused assortment of apparel as well as new categories targeted to the lifestyles of Women & Men in the various medical professions.