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A Solution Born from a Partnership

ADC, a world leader in core diagnostic products for over a quarter of a century, partnered with Suntech, the premier developer of innovative blood pressure technology to create the first truly modular diagnostic station that grows with your needs.  Start with basic automated BP, then add thermometry and pulse oximetry as you need it.  Choose from wall mount, table mount or mobile configurations.  Or convert the unit to the platform needed as your requirements change.

The complete Adview® diagnostic station includes:

  • An automated BP monitor that measures systolic and diastolic pressure, pulse rate and MAP in about 30 seconds using the oscillometric method.
  • A temperature module using Kendall’s Filac™ Fastemp™ technology that provides an oral or axillary temperature in about 10 seconds.  Built-in storage well for the probe and box of 20 disposable probe covers. 
  • An SPO2 module that features industry leading Nellcor compatible technology for accurate readings in about 10 seconds.
  • Optional EMR (electronic medical records) with BLUETOOTH® connectivity for wireless integration to your computer system.

Unlike EVERY other monitor on the market, the Adview® is completely modular.  You can purchase the Adview® configured as you want from the factory OR upgrade the unit in the field at any time.  No tools needed.  With connect-and-go capability, adding optional temperature and pulse oximetry modules is effortless.  

Start With Blood Pressure

Designed with the idea that no two patients are alike, the ADC Adview® Diagnostic Station continues the innovation first developed for the e-sphyg 2 by offering a manual measurement mode. By combining the best of our nearly half century years of blood pressure measurement experience with the capability to apply traditional methods of blood pressure measurement, the ADC Adview® provides the most reliable and versatile means of capturing blood pressure data.

Easily capture automated blood pressure measurements at the touch of a button or choose to measure with your stethoscope by using the manual feature for your patients with arrhythmias or other complex needs. We recognize that all patients are different. Now, everything you need for accurate blood pressure is in one intuitive device. With 5 cuff sizes, ranging from child to thigh, the ADC Adview™ caters to all of your patients.*

* The ADC Adview® is intended for patients ages 3 and up.

What's Included:

  • Adult & Large Adult All Purpose Cuffs
  • 8' Blood pressure hose
  • Mains/Power Supply
  • Mains/Power Cable
  • Resource CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Reference Card

Module Options

Purchase the ADC Adview® configured as you want from the factory or upgrade in the field at any time. With connect-and-go capability, adding optional temperature and pulse oximetry modules is effortless. No tools required! Upgrade with confidence. The ADC Adview® puts all of your vital signs needs into one optimized diagnostic station whenever you need it.

Automated Temperature Readings

With connect-and-go capability, adding temperature is effortless. The temperature module allows both oral/axillary and rectal readings with corresponding color-coded probe wells for storage.

Simply remove the plastic end-cap on the top of your ADC Adview® BP module and slide the temperature module until it snaps into place. The temperature module is ready to use instantly.

What's included:

  • Oral/Axillary probe (blue)
  • 1 box of Filac™ Fastemp™ probe covers
  • Other accessories

SpO2 Readings in an Instant

Our SpO2 add-on module includes industry-leading Nellcor® compatible technology for easy-to-integrate pulse oximetry measurement. The ADC Adview® SpO2 module comes with a reusable finger clip sensor.

Simply remove the plastic end-cap on the bottom of your ADC Adview® BP module and slide the SpO2 module until it snaps into place. The SpO2 module is ready to use instantly.

What's included:

  • Reusable Adult Finger Sensor
  • Single 10' Cable
  • Other accessories

Mounting Options

Choose from three “platforms” for the mount that best suits your needs.  Or convert from one platform to another as your requirements change.

Wall Mount

Replaces Manual Aneroid or Mercurial BP Instruments:

Intuitive design coupled with reliable, validated performance makes the ADC Adview® BP module an appealing replacement for wall mounted mechanical sphygmomanometers.

Table Stand

Replaces Mercury Sphygs:

The desktop caddy configuration replaces traditional mercury units at an affordable price. Conveniently carry from room to room. You can add additional parameters such as temperature and SpO2 whenever needed.

Mobile Stand

Room to Room Portability:

Achieve maximum versatility when you use the mobile stand configuration. With the rechargeable battery pack you can transport the device from room to room for optimum workflow. Our mobile stand comes with an oversized basket for accessories and a quick reference card.


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