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Nu Terrain

The fabric used in the Nu Terrain collection is essentially the same as that used in all Nu Dimension styles. The only difference is the anti-microbial attributes imparted to the Nu Terrain styles.
The anti-microbial treatment will not impair the fabric handfeel or breathability.


Our microbiological method for measuring anti-microbial activity is in accordance with the strict guidelines of
the International Standards Organization (ISO) based in Switzerland.
The ISO 20743 test method has been used to determine our products’ anti-microbial efficacy over the useful life of the garment.

A claim that the anti-microbial attributes last for the life of the garment is of little value given that the efficacy of the treatment keeps diminishing after repeated launderings. The remaining potency of the anti-microbial treatment after dozens of home launderings is the essential issue. After repeated home launderings of the NU TERRAIN scrubs, the anti-microbial potency and efficacy continues over the useful life of the garments.

That is quite an achievement and that is what gives our product a world-class, best-of-breed denotation
Our anti-microbial treatment ensures durable freshness and long lasting odor control.
The anti-microbial component used does not leach.
It does not diffuse.
It does not transfer onto the skin.

It protects textiles from environmental odors, fabric odors, hormonal body odors, food related body odors and bacterial derived odors
Exceptional efficiency and durability
Prolongs the useful life of the product