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Anti-Microbial STRETCH Women Lab Coats

Our stylish Lab Coats for women are made using Nu Dimension’s uniquely popular Luxury Touch Stretch fabric.
This fabric has a smooth hand, good stretch, and nice drape.

As is the case for all Nu Dimension scrub tops and scrub pants, our women’s lab jackets and women’s white medical coats are solidly made and will withstand prolonged use. They will maintain their integrity for the life of the garment and will always look crisp after repeated washes.

Nu Dimension’s women's medical lab coats and women lab jackets have been widely praised for their well-tailored fit, and classic, professional-looking appearance. They are made of a flexible material for easy care and maximum comfort, and are well-tailored and professional-looking.

The anti-microbial properties of the Nu Dimension stretch lab coat will last for the life of the garment.

The anti-microbial component used does not leach, it does not diffuse, it does not transfer onto the skin.